Here at Oasis, we believe the gospel is summed up in the story of a loving Father longing for His children. God, our Father, was looking for us and He found us and He has our attention. Such is His intimacy with us that time with Him is like being caught up in a dance with our first love and feeling His heart beat for us and those around us. We are a family who love encountering Him and His love by spending time in His presence.

Our desire is that everyone encounters His love like we have. That everyone knows God has dealt with all the issues that have kept them apart from Him—through Jesus on the cross. He dealt with sin and iniquity, He dealt with sickness and death. We are not separate from Him, we are fully in Him and He is in us. The great news is that knowing what He has done for us and who we really are in His is effortless. He gives us a gift of faith and then through His Holy Spirit He empowers us to live as the person He has made us to be.

We have a vision, goals, core beliefs and a culture that underpin our lives together:

Our Vision

A family, united in love and intimacy with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and one another; where lives are restored and empowered, and nations are supernaturally transformed.

Our Goals

  • A place of relationship. Where love and intimacy with the Father is experienced.
  • A place of restoration. A family united in love and purpose, where lives are transformed.
  • A place of releasing. Where disciples of all ages are released into their identity, gifts, anointing and call.
  • A place of reformation. Where Chelmsford, the UK, Europe and beyond experience the kingdom of GodGod is good all the time

Our Core Beliefs

  • To live in the knowledge that God is good all the time.
  • To live in the good of the finished works of the cross.
  • To understand and demonstrate that everyone is significant.
  • To live in the understanding that everything is possible.

The Culture we want to Create

  • Love: Where our intimate relationship with the trinity flows into love for our ourselves and our communities.
  • Freedom: Where we embrace our true identity and where diversity and difference is valued.
  • Honour: Where thankfulness in understanding the nature of God and our true-selves leads us to empower and celebrate others.
  • Power: Where we supernaturally impact the seven mountains of family, government, business, health & social care, media, arts & entertainment and education.

We are affiliated with Global Legacy.  We are members of the Evangelical Alliance.