Everyone is significant and we have a vital role in joining with the Holy Spirit to encourage all people.

Our intention is that this will be evident in the church where through relationship we can bring specific encouragement by helping people discover their significance: their true identities as God’s dearly loved child; their gifts and talents; passions and dreams for life. To facilitate this we recognise leaders amongst us, gifted men and women who live with a passion to see individuals of all ages grow in who they are.


We have a team of three elders who serve the leadership team by bringing direction, encouragement and guidance.

The elders are: Pete Bardwell, who has served as an elder since 2007, and Neil Bullivant and Andrew Williams who have been serving as elders since 2011. Pete leads the team and works full time for the church. In addition we believe that our elders’ wives have a significant part to play in shaping the church and the respective couples seek to serve as a team of six whenever possible.

Pete and Leo Bardwell
Pete & Leo Bardwell
Neil and Marsha Bullivant
Neil & Marsha Bullivant
Andrew and Sarah Williams
Andrew & Sarah Williams