We have been able to add to existing groups and bring a greater freedom for the groups to be different in how they express themselves, some of them focusing on particular topics and some having a broader approach. All our groups will continue to have their central focus on intimacy with God and unity with each other.

If you would like more information on any of the following groups, please contact Rachel in the office or the leader direct. Further information about the dates the groups are running can be found in our events calendar.

Wise Owl Lunch Club with Tanya van Heerden
Monday 12pm–2.15pm, meeting monthly

This group is for the over 70’s to enjoy fellowship and community with one another, we want to create an opportunity for them to network socially with each other over a free hot, home cooked meal and pudding! There will also be opportunity to spend some time with God (a reading/praying for each other) as well as looking to explore some of their own interests! We want to create an environment where we can love, encourage, respect and learn from one another!

Maddy Davies, Pat Seeley
Wednesday 7:45pm, fortnightly

The aim of the group will be to release people in the prophetic gift by nurturing greater intimacy with Father God and following the leadings of Holy Spirit in order to become more like Jesus. We will be using a variety of resources to aid the teaching and study elements of the evening. We will also be doing some creative exercises that are fun and encouraging to practice prophesying over each other and the wider church.

London Gathering with Neil Bullivant/Mark Golledge
Meeting monthly at Chelmsford station at 6.25am on the second Thursday of each month to travel to London together and meet near Liverpool Street for about one hour.

The group brings together those who work in London. Our vision is for the group to be a gateway to the capital—seeing radical change through the impact we have in our workplace and in London. We meet together, encourage and support each other and enjoy dreaming about what we will be stepping into!

BASE CAMP with Frederick and Tanya van Heerden
Various Fridays and Sundays

Our Group is for 20/30ish-year-olds seeking friendship, fun, the ability to be honest with each other and help each other be(come) secure in our identities as powerful people. Practicing spiritual gifts and encouraging each other/ giving each other opportunities to step out in our giftings. To mix ‘spiritual’ with ‘fun’.